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Cannon Boat

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Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Advanced Artillery
Build Cost: 250,000 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 3,500 Coins
Hammer Cost: 5,000
Civ Points: 10,000
Hit Points: 1,000
Limit Per Town: 2
Special: Cannon Fire Ability Defense Ship

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cannon Ships are powerful fast firing defensive ships that shoot a "cannon ball" towards the enemy. The main advantage of the cannon ship is that it does a large amount of splash damage to the surrounding area.

  • Deal 8 true damage and light the surrounding area on fire; Splash range is 30
  • Range: 130 blocks
  • Minimal range of 30 blocks
  • Placement: Must be placed 100 blocks apart
  • Rate of Fire: 1 Cannon wave every 2 seconds
  • Fire Bomb Trade Good buff: Adds 100% damage to Cannon ship

The Cannon Ship is a much more expensive, dangerous option for towns to build. While it provides much more damage and has a few key advantages over an arrow ship, it is also much more dangerous since the fire it causes does not discriminate between friend and foe.

Advantages of the Cannon Ship[edit | edit source]

  • Does splash damage to an area, which can target more than one player
  • Creates fire around the area of where the cannon hits
  • Fast Firing
  • High accuracy

Disadvantages of the Cannon Ship[edit | edit source]

  • Will do friendly fire damage, killing both friend and foe
  • Has a minimum range, will not fire at enemies if they manage to get close enough
  • Very pricey

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