Changelog September 2018

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Changelog For September Underwater Release

Quite a few things changing for upcoming releases, hope you guys enjoy it, keep giving feedback and ideas, and we will keep upgrading things.

We have gotten on a new server obviously, so that is allowing us freer reign on quite a few things.

Major Changes:

1 - Atlanteans - this will be the first phase with a new race, which will start changing the game up a bit.  There will be at least 5 races over this next year with bonuses and minuses for each.

The Atlantean race is a merfolk, underwater race, so their racial benefits will be based around that. They WILL be slightly stronger than other races for now. (default race will be humans)

A. They can ONLY start in the deep ocean.  Which means you will have to swim for it at the start and find a good location.  You cannot select Atlanteans as a race unless you start there.

B. Atlantians will get a bonus to happiness, growth, and hammers for oceans, deep oceans, and beaches, BUT will take a negative hit on Unhappiness in Capitol only where they touch other lands, you will want to get as MUCH ocean as possible for your Capitol city.

Hammer bonus - ocean, Growth Bonus lands - beaches, rivers.

C. They will get a new wonder, Atlantis… you can only build it if you are the underwater race.

D. Mines can ONLY be built on beaches for this race, as there are no mountains.

E. Racial traits, they get underwater buffs, speed, vision, fast digging, and water breathing, this will give them distinct advantages in underwater exploration, and fights.

F. New structure - Fishery - Gives hammer bonus when filled, takes in salmon, limit of four.

G. Water - and of course this map has a TON more oceans and water, about 15 good spots for Atlanteans to start if they wish to rule the world.

H. Town survey will give extra info for atlantean rates.

I. Sea Shells are now used to upgrade worker units.

2 - Civ Raids - Often time in CivWar it may get a little boring, and there is ZERO reason to fight or defend, except greifers… that stops today… The world is dangerous!  Expect danger and attacks!

The new raid system will allow attacks on civs ONCE A DAY, within certain rules.

  1. It will only be during one hour per day, settable via command, only on Sundays, default 2pm CST
  2. You must have guerulla tech level to set this, or attack.
  3. You can only demolish one building - completely destroys! In that civ, choose wisely. (no wonders or town hall, cap)
  4. No pvp protection during those times.. Be on the defense.
  5. The largest two civs can ONLY target eachother… the rest can target anyone, to keep one civ from just taking over, keeps challenges more even.
  6. Civ info will show raid times for a civ.

Later we want to add alot more around this idea.

3 - Mob Upgrades -

A. Mob die in torchlight now instead of in claimed areas… you can make areas more safe by adding torches, this should vary up strategies a bit.

B. T2 T3 mobs etc will not show up for the first few days, too powerful anyway and you cant attack them, so they are delayed.

C. Some mobs are changed out now for newer challenges.

D. Mobs attacking newbies will evaporate instead of spamming them.

E. Yobos are reduced in power… but they have summoned other monsters from the deeps.

4 - New structures -

Other than mentioned above there are a couple more new structures.

Aqueduct - allows for a bonus to growth, flat amount, limit 1.

Nursery - a tree farm, similar to what the farm is doing now, just for growing trees on though, trees will need to go here instead of regular farms.

There are also now different road material styles, people demanded it, its here! The /town setroad command will allow you to change them, per town, 7 styles to start with.

Certain structures MUST be built in own city limits now. Monument, stable, shipyard, and lighthouse, it should give you a nicer notice… strategic outpost does NOT anymore.

5. Discord integration - WOOT - Been waiting on this one.

I STRONGLY suggest every group make a Discord chat room for your civ…. The game will start to be more heavily using this for notices.

Using the command /civ discord, you can set the id and token for a chatbot in your discord server.   I suggest you setup a room called Alerts, and get the bot url for that.

The game will then send alot of major notices to your chat room…. It will send hourly building information, attack and tower notices, and more.   We will be refining what all it sends later on.

This may in later phases be a purchasable perk, for now, all free!

This should greatly help remind your team if you mine is out of

6. - Other changes.

Farm Rules - were a bit too strong at the start - they now require a tech brewing to be used, if you want to be a farmer this is important to you.

New beet rules - beets will produce 3 more if exposed to direct sunlight, take that into account when creating farms.

Camps - Alts cant make camps, not cool yall, Camps are now smarter and can take partial items at a time and remember them, saves alot of effort.  And all camp people can add stuff to longhouse! Yay!

Hopper recipe comes faster.

Civ leaders and admin have alot more control of secondary towns now, it was too annoying before, they can claim, validate, put money in and out, etc.

/progressall is a new command, tested towards the end of this phase.

/plot info shows if the building is getting the road bonus or not.

Library doesnt show multiple versions of enchants anymore, if it has a level four, no reason to buy a level 2 3, cuts down on clutter and mistakes.

Barracks shows who and what is training now, much nicer.

Temples were giving double culture this phase due to bug, this is gone now.

Happiness and hammer sources in the /town info happiness reports now show each source, so a little more open about what is going on.

Windmill planting is more efficient now.

Scholar in residence is working, and on more trade goods.

Less info is shown for hourly tics, mainly if a Cottage is fed ok, it will go by without spamming.

Mail messages will now go to next message instead of just closing down, this saves a bunch of clinking.

Monarchy was pushed down one level in tech tree, switched with commerce, as towns dont grow to that culture that fast anyway.

/town upgrade will now require different foods…. Be prepared, each level is different :}

Level 10 bank boost double is removed…. Too strong.

Limit of 2 wonders can be built by a civ at a time… they should be a challenge, not easy peasy.

Trade goods reworked, as far as what gives what… look over the wiki page to see new stuff, a little more balanced.

All countdown timers for win game are now 10 days… this should support at least 2 wars you need to defend w, but not be crazy long like 3 weeks.

Darknessmode is disabled under water… it was too hard to keep my torches lit.

Do yall all want free perks this phase?

Tons and tons of small bug fixes as well!