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Civ Commands

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Civ Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ Lists all of the current civ commands and a description of each. Everybody
/civ banner Allows the managing of the civilization's banner Leaders
/civ info Shows you information about the current civ you are in. You will only see treasury information if you are a leader or an adviser.

Subcommands are available, see below for more info.

/civ top10 Shows the Top 10 civs in the server, going with their names & what their scores are. Everybody
/civ victory Shows which civs are close to victory and how long it will take them to achieve it Everybody
/civ revolution Starts a revolution against conquering civs. See Revolutions. Leaders of Conquered Civ
/civ disbandtown [town] Disbands the town you specify. Mayor of the town must also issue /town disbandtown. Everybody
/civ townlist Displays a list of towns inside your civilization. Residents
/civ show [name] Shows the public information for the civ named [name] Everybody
/civ deposit [amount] Deposits this amount into your civ's treasury. Everybody
/civ withdraw [amount] Withdraws this amount from your civ's treasury. Leaders
/civ list Shows you a list of all of the civilizations in the world. Everybody
/civ gov Manage your civilization's government. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ civic Manage your civilization's civics. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Advisers
/civ research Manages your civilization's research. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ time View information about upcoming events such as the next WarTime or trade ticks. Everybody
/civ set Set various civilization properties. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ group Manage groups in this civilization(leaders and advisers). Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ dip Manage civilization's diplomacy. Subcommands available , see below. Everybody
/civ claimleader If the leaders of your civilization have not logged in in 7 days, use this command to claim leadership. Citizens

Civ Info Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ info online Shows who is online in the civilization. Everybody
/civ info upkeep Will show what the civ has paid in upkeep last tick and breaks it down on a per-town basis in the event that town's could not pay their upkeep. Everybody
/civ info taxes Will show what the civ collected in taxes the last tick on a per town basis. Everybody
/civ info beakers Will show how many beakers are being generated for the civ and where they come from. Everybody

Civ Research Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ research list Shows the available technologies that your civilization may research. Leader/Adviser
/civ research progress Shows the progress on the technology you are currently researching. Leader/Adviser
/civ research on [tech] Starts researching the technology called [tech]. Leader/Adviser
/civ research change [tech] Stops researching the current technology and switches to a new one. All progress on the old technology is lost. Leader/Adviser
/civ research finished Shows all of the researched technologies in this civilization. Leader/Adviser
/civ research clear Clears your entire tech queue. Useful for players who have purchased the perk bank Leader/Adviser
/civ research remove [tech] Clears one specific tech from your queue Leader/Adviser
/civ research era Shows your civs current research era, the highest research era received, and the bonuses your civ is receiving if it is below the highest era. Leader/Adviser

Civ Group Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ group add [name] Adds the player named [name] to the leaders or advisers group. Only leaders/founder may add additional leaders. Leader/Adviser
/civ group remove [name] Removes the player named [name] from the leaders or advisers group. Only leaders may remove other leaders. Leader/Adviser
/civ group info [name] List members in either the leaders or advisers groups. Leader/Adviser
/civ group changefounder [Player] Changes the founder of the civilization Founder

Civ Civic Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ civic change [Civic] Forcefully changes current civic study to another one. All progress will be lost on the civic. No refunds. Leader/Adviser
/civ civic finished Lists any finished civics Leader/Adviser
/civ civic list lists all civics available to study on Leader/Adviser
/civ civic on [Civic] Start studying on the following civic Leader/Adviser
/civ civic progress Shows current study progress Leader/Adviser

Civics can only be studied when the capitol building is built. Civics operate similarly to technologies, but instead of using beakers culture rate is used. The coin and culture cost of any one civic is determined by the amount of civics that have been researched by your civilization.

Formula for coins is (10,000 * (Amount of civics +1))

Formula for culture is (7,500 * (Amount of civics +1))

Civ Set Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ set taxes [percent] Sets the income tax rate on towns underneath your civilization. Leader/Adviser
/civ set science [percent] Sets the percentage of income tax generated from towns that will be used to purchase beakers. Leader/Adviser
/civ set color [html color code] Sets the civilization's culture color on the dynmap to this [html color code] Leader/Adviser

Civ Diplomacy Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ dip show [civ] Shows the diplomatic relations for the civilization named [civ]. If no civ is provided, it shows the diplomatic relations of your civ. Everybody
/civ dip declare war] Declares the target civilization [civ] as hostile, war, or independence. Can only declare independence if you are a vassal to [civ], and you can only declare war or [civ] hostile if you are not a vassal to [civ] Leaders/Advisers
/civ dip request peace|ally] Sends a request to this civilization's leaders and advisers to change the diplomatic relationship to neutral, peace, or ally. Leaders/Advisers
/civ dip respond no] Responds with yes or no to the current diplomatic request. Only one request is made at a time and expires in 30 seconds. Leaders/Advisers
/civ dip gift Sends a request to another civilization to give away one of your towns or your entire civ. You must wait 14 days after founding a Civ or Town before "merging". Leaders
/civ dip global Displays all diplomatic relationships in the server. Everybody
/civ dip wars Shows all of the currently active wars between civs Everybody
/civ dip liberate [town] Allows you to give back the named town to its owner. If you give back the capitol, the entire civ is given back. Leaders
/civ dip capitulate [town] Gives the named town to it's current owner after it's been conquered. Leaders

Civ Diplomacy Gift Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ dip gift town [town] [civ] Sends a request to give the named town to the named civ Founder
/civ dip gift entireciv [civ] Sends a request to give your entire civ to the named civ. Founder

Market Command[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/market Shows the HELP for the command. Everybody
/market buy [towns/civs] Lists the Towns or Civs that are for sale Leaders/Advisers
/market buy [towns/civs] [name] Buys the named town or civilization Leaders/Advisers

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