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Civ-War has greatly expanded the number of materials and items that are available in Minecraft with the goal of having a deeper, more difficult material progression than vanilla Minecraft. Each of these materials were created by using existing items, and changing their name and lore so that they now represent something different.

NOTE: This information can also be accessed in game via your Crafting Recipe Book. If you're unable to craft any of these materials, try reading the version in the crafting book. This information may contain typos or become out of date however the Crafting Recipe Book is generated from in-game data and can never be "wrong"

Tiers[edit | edit source]

The materials are all divided into tiers. Each tier of material requires materials from the tier before it. There are currently 5 total tiers (0 thru 4).

Tier 0 (Basic Materials)[edit | edit source]

Tier 0 materials are the basic materials, mostly vanilla minecraft items that you would normally get in game with the exception of Tungsten Ore, Chromium Ore, and Nether Wart. Since the nether is disabled, you must instead purchase netherwart at the Store. Tungsten Ore is dropped by breaking Lapis Ore, and normal lapis is available at the Global Market. Chromium Ore can only be found by sifting through cobblestone at the Trommel.

Slime Balls can be collected in the wild or crafted from 2 Bone and 3 Refined Sugar.

ClayClay.pngClay Blocks
CoalCoal.pngCoal Ore
DiamondDiamond.pngDiamond Ore, Cobblestone in trommel
EmeraldEmerald.pngEmerald Ore, Cobblestone in trommel
FlintFlint.pngGravel Blocks
Gold IngotGold.pngGold Ore(smelted), Cobblestone in trommel
Iron IngotIron.pngIron Ore(smelted), Cobblestone in trommel
LeatherLeather.pngCows, Horses
StickStick.pngWooden planks
StringString.pngCobwebs, All custom entities
SulfurGunpowder.pngAll custom entities
SugarSugar.pngSugarcane all custom entities
BucketBucket empty.pngIron ingots
BowlBowl.pngWooden planks
Nether WartNether wart.pngNether Wart
Tungsten OreFireball.pngBreaking Lapis Ore
ChromiumGhast tear.pngCobblestone in trommel

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 items are unique in that, all of the recipes are the same. Each recipe in Tier 1 is the base material in Tier 0, configured in a block of 9 items.

Forged ClayGridBrick.pngForgedClay.png
Crafted StickGridStick.pngCraftedSticks.png
Refined SlimeGridSlime.pngRefinedSlime.png
Refined SugarSugaricon.pngRefinedSugar.png
Forged Tungsten Block of Emerald.pngt = Tungsten ore
Carved LeatherGridLeather.pngCarvedLeather.png
Packed FeathersGridNetherQuartz.pngPackedFeathers.png
Refined SulfurGridGunpowder.pngRefinedSulfur.png
Crafted ReedsGridSugarCane.pngCraftedReeds.png
Crafted StringGridString.pngCraftedString.png
Refined StoneStone.pngRefinedStone.png
Refined WartGridNetherWart1.pngRefinedWart.png
Forged ChromiumGridIron.pngc = chromium ore
Refined WoodOak Wood.pngRefinedWood.png

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

All recipes are assumed to not be Vanilla Items/Blocks (With the exception of Tier 1 Materials).

VarnishGrid Bottle o' Enchanting.pngShapeless
Varnish 1.5 Fixed.png
1 Refined Slime
1 Refined Sugar
2 Nether Wart Block
Decorative JewelsGridWart.pngShapeless
2 Diamond Blocks
Steel IngotsGridIron.pngShapeless
3 Iron Block
3 Coal Block
1 Refined Sulfur
Chromium IngotGrid Nether Star.pngShapeless
2 Forged Chromium
2 Refined Sulfur
3 Coal Blocks
1 Diamond
Jewelry Grade GoldGridGoldenApple.pngShapeless
9 Gold Blocks
Decorative FeathersGridFeather.pngShapeless
2 Packed Feathers
Crafted LeatherGridTallGrass.pngShapeless
1 Carved Leather
1 Crafted String
Steel Sword HiltGridStick.pngShapeless
2 Steel Ingot
2 Varnish
2 Leather Straps
1 Sticky Resin
Woven ThreadingGrid Leash.pngShapeless
4 Crafted String
1 Refined Slime
Crushed StoneGridStoneSlab.pngShapeless
9 Refined Stone
Aged Wood StaveGridStick.pngShapeless
3 Crafted Sticks
2 Crafted Reeds
2 Crafted String
Sticky ResinGrid Mushroom Stew.pngShapeless
3 Refined Slime
1 Refined Sugar
1 Bowl
Clay MoldingGrid Brick (Block).pngShapeless
3 Forged Clay
2 Crafted Reeds
3 Crafted Sticks
Steel PlateIronPressurePlate.pngShapeless
1 Steel Ingot
1 Varnish
1 Clay Molding
Steel Sword BladeGridIron.pngShapeless
2 Steel Ingot
1 Clay Steel Cast
Milled LumberGrid Wooden Stairs.pngShapeless
9 Refined Wood

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Carbide Steel PlateGridIron.pngShapeless
1 Carbide Steel Ingot
1 Clay Molding
2 Sticky Resin
Carbide Steel Ingot


1 Varnish
2 Steel Ingot
1 Chromium Ingot
Smithy Resin


1 Coal Block
2 Refined Sulfur
2 Sticky Resin
Compacted Stone


9 Crushed Stone
Leather Straps


2 Varnish
3 Crafted Leather
Carbide Steel Sword HiltGridStick.pngShapeless
1 Reinforced Braid
1 Carbide Steel Ingot
1 Smithy Resin
1 Clay Steel Casting
Clay Tungsten CastingEnderPearl.pngShapeless
2 Crafted Reeds
1 Sticky Resin
2 Clay Molding
Longbow StaveGridStick.pngShapeless
1 Aged Wood Stave
1 Sticky Resin
Carbide MoldingCauldron.pngShapeless
2 Varnish
1 Sticky Resin
2 Clay Molding
Tungsten IngotEnderPearl.pngShapeless
2 Coal Block
5 Forged Tungsten
2 Chromium Ingot
Masonry MortarGrid Brick (Block).pngShapeless
2 Clay Molding
2 Sticky Resin
Reinforced BraidString.pngShapeless
1 Varnish
2 Woven Threading
2 Sticky Resin
Clay Steel CastingPoweredMinecart.pngShapeless
2 Crafted Reeds
2 Crafted Sticks
1 Sticky Resin
2 Clay Molding
Feathered LiningFeather.pngShapeless
3 Leather Straps
4 Woven Mesh Patch
2 Packed Feathers
Carbide Steel Sword BladeGridIron.pngShapeless
2 Smithy Resin
4 Carbide Steel Ingot
1 Clay Steel Casting

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

Tungsten Sword BladeDiamondBlock.pngShapeless
3 Smithy Resin
3 Clay Tungsten Casting
3 Tungsten Ingot
Tungsten Sword HiltGridStick.pngShapeless
2 Smithy Resin
2 Artisan Leather
2 Clay Tungsten Casting
2 Tungsten Ingot
Artisan LeatherDeadBush.pngShapeless
2 Leather Straps
2 Reinforced Braid
Composite Bow StringString.pngShapeless
3 Reinforced Braid
3 Smithy Resin
Tungsten PlateEyeofEnder.pngShapeless
3 Smithy Resin
1 Clay Tungsten Casting
1 Tungsten Ingot
Composite Bow StaveGridStick.pngShapeless
2 Longbow Stave
2 Leather Straps
2 Reinforced Braid

Special[edit | edit source]

National Flag(Founds a Civilization)Blazerod.png Shaped
M = Masonry Mortar, R = Royal Crown, S = CompactedStone
Camp(Founds a Camp)WoodenDoor.png Shaped
L = Milled Lumber, H = Chieftain's Headdress, C = CoalBlock
Royal CrownGoldhelmet.pngShapeless
Proof of Leadership
3 Jewelry Grade Gold
2 Decorative Jewels
Cheiftain's HeaddressChainHelmet.pngShapeless
4 Decorative Feathers
2 Carved Leather
Cheiftain's Headdress (Phase 8) ChainHelmet.pngShapeless
2 Refined Feathers
2 Carved Leather
2 Refined Sulfur
1 Compacted Sand
Ender ChestEnderChest.pngShaped
L = Artisan Leather, P = Tungsten Plate, C = Chest

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