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Misc Commands

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Miscellaneous Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Parameters Description Access
/vote [civ name] Votes for your favorite civ during the countdown to a Diplomatic Victory. Everybody
/rules Opens link to the Rules Page. Everybody
/report player [player name] Report this player for misconduct. Everybody
/lag Shows the current server lag and other statistics Everybody
/here Shows information about the plot you're standing in (wilderness, town name, civ name, owner, etc) Everybody
/tell [playername] [msg] Chat to a specific player. Also /msg. Use /r for quicker reply. Everybody
/tc [msg] Chat within your town. Residents
/cc [msg] Chat within your civilization. Residents
/ch local / global / support Switch chat channels Everybody
/leave local / global / support Leave a chat channel Everybody
/ignore [playername] Hides the named player from the chat log Everybody
/econ Show your personal balance (also /money) Everybody
/pay [playername] [amount] Give another player money Everybody
/accept Use in response to requests that prompt for it Everybody
/list Show players currently online Everybody
/kill Kill your player. Use if trapped in an inaccessible place. (Also /res resetspawn if you are re-spawning in a trapped location). Everybody
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