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Outlaw[edit | edit source]

In Civ-War you have the option to add players to your town's outlaw list. By adding them as an outlaw the person will be shot upon by your town's towers, i.e. Arrow Tower or Cannon Tower, while the Scout Tower will report the players coördinates.

Declaring Someone an Outlaw[edit | edit source]

By typing /town outlaw add (name) you add someone to your town's outlaw list.

Town Outlaw Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Extra Description Access
/town outlaw Add [name] Adds player to the towns outlaw list. Outlaws have 1 minute after being declared an outlaw before PvP is enabled. Mayors, Assistants
/town outlaw remove [name] Removes player from the towns outlaw list. Mayors, Assistants
/town outlaw addall [town] Adds all of the specified town's current members as outlaws Mayors, Assistants
/town outlaw removeall [town] Removes all of the specified town's current members from being outlaws. Mayors, Assistants
/town outlaw list Shows a list of players on the towns outlaw list. Residents
/res outlawed Shows you in which towns you are outlawed Residents

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