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Overview[edit | edit source]

Policies are in-game buffs that can bring benefits to your capitol/civilization, but some policies may also yield negative affects.

How to Choose Policies[edit | edit source]

Policies are gained through your Culture level. Every time your culture levels up, a new policy is unlocked. You are given three policies per Culture level, but have to choose one of them, only within the three options for that level.

The Taj Mahal and Notre Dame wonders give abilities for a different policy flow.

Policies Available[edit | edit source]

Tier Policy Name Description
1 Capitol Hammer Increase your capitol hammer rate by 5%.
1 Capitol Beaker Increase your capitol beaker rate by 4%.
1 Capitol Culture Growth Increase your capitol culture and growth rate by 4%.
2 Capitol Happiness Increase your capitol happiness by 2 for each culture level.
2 Civilization Happiness Increase your civilization happiness by 5 (each town).
2 Wonder Happiness Increase your civilization happiness by 1 for each 2 wonders built in the world.
3 Extra Hammer Biome Each chunk with less than 0.75 hammers gain an extra 0.25 hammers.
3 Extra Happiness Biome Each chunk with less than 0.02 happiness give an extra 0.01 happiness.
3 Extra Beaker Biome Each chunk with less than 1 beaker gain an extra 0.25 beakers.
4 Focused Cottage Gain +10% coins per cottage.
4 Focused Bank Gain +10% extra bank rate.
4 Focused Trade Gain +15% coins from trade goods.
5 Extra Defense Hitpoints Your defensive structures have an extra 10% hp and an extra 1hp/6 sec regen.
5 Extra Tower Range Increase the range of arrow and scout tower by 25 blocks.
5 Control Block Hitpoints Increase your control block HP by 20%, they also regenerate one HP every 2min.
6 Extra Control Block Damage 25% chance to deal an extra damage against control block.
6 Extra Structure Damage You deal an extra damage vs all structures.
6 Warcamp Hitpoints Your civilization's warcamp has an extra 100% hitpoints. Your warcamp also regenerate 1 extra hp every 2mins.
7 Cheaper Research 5% discount on research beaker cost but increase coin cost by 5%.
7 Better Science Tax Reduces the beaker's tax conversion to 9 coins per beaker instead of 10 coins.
7 Scientific Breakthrough Increase your highest beaker town by 15%.
8 Conqueror Receive no unhappiness from conquered towns but an extra unhappiness per normal town. You also receive no unhappiness penalty for declaring war anymore.
8 Large Empire You receive less unhappiness for every 5 town.
8 Minimum Happiness Your town can't drop below content state.
9 Culture Start All your towns receive 50% more culture catch up mechanics.
9 Extra Culture Increase your culture rate across the civilization by 20%.
9 Culture Equalizer Mimic the culture output of your highest culture producing town and split it evenly to other town as bonus.
10 Scientific Focus Increase your beaker rate on enlightenment and the beaker race by 15%.
10 Dominator Increase damage against capitol by 3 controlblocks, caputured civilization can't start a revolution anymore.
10 Architect Increase culture output across the civilization by 15%, also decrease wonder cost by 10%.

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