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Random Events

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About once a day, each town rolls to see if they are going to experience a random event. Most events have a small (about 5%) chance of occurring. When a random event occurs, each player in the town will be notified via a chat message. Depending on the random event, some player action may be requested. Each random event lasts for a certain amount of time (usually a couple days). Players who log in will be notified if their town is experiencing a random event. You can also check by using the '/town event' command to re-read the details of any active event on your town.

Towns can only experience a single random event at a time.

Possible Events[edit | edit source]

Event Effect Time period
Slime plague Spawns 40 Slimes around your town and you need to kill 20 Slimes, if not done you will suffer 1 Unhappiness for 2 Days 2 Days
Scientific breakthrough Increase the beaker in the Town by 15% 3 Days
Productivity soars Increase the hammer in the Town by 15% 3 Days
Herbs You have 8 Hours to walk to a certain coordinate to get 7 Happiness 5 Days
Gold Rush You have 12 Hours to walk to a certain coordinate and mine the Chunk on the given Y Coordinate, 7500 Coins * Current era, check your era using /civ research era

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