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Strategic Goods

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Strategic Goods will generate at the Strategic Outpost at the daily tick.

More Info[edit | edit source]

This page is still in development, as strategic goods are still in development. Check back later.

Sea Shells can also be used to train worker units, others may be as well.

Periodic Table of Strategic Goods[edit | edit source]

Name Buff Info Biome
Niter Speed up Barrack unit Leveling by 30 minutes Tropical
Silver Applies player buff Haste I for 60 seconds. Cold
Coral Increases the amount of eggs generated by your pasture by 20%! To use, place the item inside the same chest as the wheat. Oceanic
Copper Can be placed inside the Quarry for a boost in speed! This good gives you 20% chance to roll an extra stone every time it processes one. The effect lasts for 300 seconds. Temperate
Salt One salt can count as enough food for one cottage. To use, place this item inside the granary chest. Tropical
Crystal Increase Trommel process speed by 20% Snowy
Horses Speed up Barrack unit levelling by 30 minutes Temperate
Mercury Increase the smelting rate in the blacksmith by 25%! To use, place this item inside the smelter's inventory alongside the items you'd like to smelt. Oceanic
Titanium Increase Trommel reroll bonus by 10% Snowy
Gypsum Reduces the chance of failure at the Blacksmith's Forgemaster by 5%! To use, place this item inside the Forgemaster's inventory alongside the items you'd like to forge. Temperate
Jade Increase the base amount of culture generated by sacrificing mutton in the temple by 100. To use, place the item inside the temple inventory alongside the required sacrifice. Cold
Marble Applies Player Buff of Saturation for 30 seconds. Cold
Limestone You can repair an item for free by using 10 of these! To use, place this item inside the Repairmaster's inventory alongside the items you'd like to repair. Snowy
Sea Shell Can be placed inside the Windmill for a boost in planting! This good increases the planting rate by 16 crops per tick. The effect lasts for 14 minutes. Oceanic
Oil Can be placed inside the Quarry for an boost in output! This good increases the output of obsidian by 200%. The effect lasts for 300 secs Tropical

Biome Reference[edit | edit source]

Temperate: Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest Etc

Tropical: Desert, Mesa, Jungle

Snowy: Ice Plains, Ice Spikes

Cold: Snowy Mountains, Extreme Hills.

Important: Not all the strategic goodies would spawn in the biomes as specified. It is common to find them clustered around the relative biomes as stated above but it is not 100%.

They can also be found uncommonly in other biomes as well.

The biome list is just for reference when searching on the map for good locations.

See Also[edit | edit source]

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