Strategic Outpost

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A Strategic Outpost.
Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Trade
Build Cost: 25,000 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 500 Coins
Hammer Cost: 2,000
Civ Points: 3,000
Hit Points: 500
Limit Per Town: Unlimited
Special: Allows Strategic Good Acquisition

Overview[edit | edit source]

The strategic outpost is a tile improvement that claims a strategic good pillar and generates strategic good items. It's important to remember that although there is no limit to how many Strategic Outposts you can build, there is a limit on how many Tile Improvements you can build.

Additional Info:
This improvement will center itself on the strategic good chunk in addition to always facing EAST.

Benefits from Strategic Goods[edit | edit source]

See the pages on Strategic Goods for more information.

Placement Considerations[edit | edit source]

Like all Tile Improvements, strategic outposts can be built anywhere inside your town's culture borders. If they are built outside your claimed land, players can steal strategic goods generated at the structure.

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