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Weapons and Armor

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Weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Type Attack Technology Required
Tier 1 Training Sword Melee 4 N/A
Stone Shank Melee 5 N/A
Iron Shortsword Melee 12 Metal Casting
Hunting Bow Ranged 18 Archery
Iron Shortaxe Melee 14 Guerilla
Tier 2 Steel Longsword Melee 18 Sword Smithing
Recurve Bow Ranged 24 Fletching
Steel Axe Melee Metallurgy
Tier 3 Carbide Steel Sword Melee 24 Folded Steel
Longbow Ranged 30 Tillering
Carbide Steel Axe Melee Blazing
Tier 4 Tungsten Broadsword Melee 30 Tempering
Marksmen Bow Ranged 36 Laminates
Tungsten Broadaxe Melee Annealing

Armor[edit | edit source]

Item Defense Speed[1] Technology Required
Tier 1 Leather Jacket 3 +5% N/A
Leather Pants 2
Leather Helmet 2
Leather Moccasins 1
Iron Chestplate 3.5 -5% Blacksmithing
Iron Leggings 2.5
Iron Helmet 2.5
Iron Boots 1.5
Tier 2 Refined Leather Chestplate 4.5 +10% Leather Refinement
Refined Leather Leggings 3.5
Refined Leather Cap 3.5
Refined Leather Moccasins 2.5
Steel Chestplate 5 -10% Alloys
Steel Leggings 4
Steel Helmet 4
Steel Assault Boots 3
Tier 3 Hardened Leather Jacket 6 +15% Tanning
Hardened Leather Pants 5
Hardened Leather Cap 5
Hardened Leather Moccasins 4
Carbide Steel Chestplate 6.5 -15% Chemical Bonding
Carbide Steel Leggings 5.5
Carbide Steel Helmet 5.5
Carbide Steel Boots 4.5
Tier 4 Composite Leather Jacket 8 +20% Composites
Composite Leather Pants 6.5
Composite Leather Cap 6.5
Composite Leather Moccasins 5
Tungsten Chestplate 8.5 -20% Forging
Tungsten Leggings 7
Tungsten Helmet 7
Tungsten Boots 5.5
  1. A full leather armor set is required for increased speed, however a single piece of metal armor will give decreased speed.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Civ-War's custom weapons and armor recipes are in the Gear section of the Crafting Recipe Book.

Currently, more details can be found in the File:Armor & Weapon Crafting.pdf PDF.

Tier 1 Leather[edit | edit source]

Leather HelmetGrid Leather Cap.pngHelmetT1.png
Leather ChestplateGrid Leather Tunic.pngChestplateT1.png
Leather LeggingsGrid Leather Pants.pngLeggingsT1.png
Leather BootsGrid Leather Boots.pngBootsT1.png

Tier 2 Leather[edit | edit source]

Leather HelmetGrid Leather Cap Tier2.pngHelmetT2.png
Leather ChestplateGrid Leather Tunic Tier2.pngChestplateT2.png
Leather LeggingsGrid Leather Pants Tier2.pngLeggingsT2.png
Leather BootsGrid Leather Boots Tier2.pngBootsT2.png

Tier 3 Leather[edit | edit source]

Leather HelmetGrid Leather Cap Tier3.png225px
Leather ChestplateGrid Leather Tunic Tier3.png225px
Leather LeggingsGrid Leather Pants Tier3.png225px
Leather BootsGrid Leather Boots Tier3.png225px

Tier 4 Leather[edit | edit source]

Leather HelmetGrid Leather Cap Tier4.png225px
Leather ChestplateGrid Leather Tunic Tier4.png225px
Leather LeggingsGrid Leather Pants Tier4.png225px
Leather BootsGrid Leather Boots Tier4.png225px

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